Land's End to John O'Groats - Challenge Plan

You are welcome to choose your own time frame to complete this challenge. Your target for this challenge is 874 miles (1,406 kms) and you have the whole of 2021 to complete it.

Depending on your target timeframe to complete this challenge, we have set out your average mileage per day, week and month to give you an idea of what you will need to achieve to stay on track and reach your goal.

 12 Months

You will need to complete an average of:
2.4 Miles (3.8 kms) Per Day
17 Miles (44 kms) Per Week
73 Miles (117 kms) Per Month

9 Months

3.2 Miles (5 kms) Per Day
22 Miles (35 kms) Per Week
97 Miles (156 kms) Per Month

6 Months

5 Miles (8 kms) Per Day
33 Miles (53 kms) Per Week
145 Miles (233 kms) Per Month

3 Months

9.6 Miles (15 kms) Per Day
67 Miles (108 kms) Per Week
291 Miles (468 kms) Per Month

Good luck with your challenge!!