How It Works

How do I do a Virtual Run?

We are glad you asked!  Doing a virtual run couldn't be more simple and all you'll need is a pair of running shoes and a device to track your run.

Virtual running works exactly the same as any other type of running event but it can be done anywhere, at any time and at a pace you're comfortable with. No extra apps are required.



Find a challenge you are interested in.

We have a wide range of virtual challenges, from the UK and around the world.  Simply choose a distance that will challenge you.


Complete your challenge.

We don't place a time limit (within reason) on when you must complete your challenge.  Run your race in a single day or spread it out over multiple runs.  The choice is yours.
Track your activities on a tracking app/watch or keep a log of your miles.


Submit your evidence.

When you have completed your challenge, you'll need to upload your evidence from your Garmin, Fitbit, etc.


Wait for your medal to arrive.

Once we've received your evidence, we'll package up your medal and send it out to you ASAP.