What is a Virtual Challenge?

A Virtual run is a self motivated race that can be completed in your own time, place and pace. You can run, walk, jog, cycle, hop if you like, whatever challenges you, any forward motion exercise is fine. You can run on the road, in the country or on a treadmill, you simply need to complete the distance to earn the medal. Virtual running challenges are a great way to keep motivated!

Who can enter a Virtual Event?

Virtual challenges are suitable for everyone, those who love running, those wanting to keep fit, young people, older people, anyone who wants to earn a medal for achieving their goal without the pressure of signing up to a big event and being tied to a time and date

How far do I have to run?

We offer a range of medals, on our virtual challenges page, for many different distances, just choose your event and sign up. 

How do I claim my medal?

There are many running apps available in the app stores (Strava, Map My Run, Runkeeper etc). Simply download a tracking app and use it to track your activities. Screenshot your run/totals when you have completed your challenge and upload a screenshot on the contact form. A photo of a treadmill or watch display is absolutely fine. If you complete your challenge over multiple activities, you only need to submit your evidence when you have completed your challenge.

What if my app didn't record my run or I don't have a screenshot?

That's fine, we understand that these things happen. We are sure no one would want a medal that they haven't earned. Fill out the submission form anyway and you will still receive your medal. 

How long do I have to complete my run?

All medals for 2021 must be claimed by January 14th 2022. However, the quicker you earn your medal, the quicker you can get to work on your next one!! 

Do you send medal out before or after my run?

Medals are sent out when evidence of your run is submitted, however, if you would like your medal sent out straight away, please fill out the evidence form and check the 'gift' option, or send us an email. sales@yourvirtualchallenges.com and we will be happy to send you your medal.

Why won't my discount code work?

If you are a returning customer and using a code sent with your medal, you will need to sign up with the same email address that you used last time you signed up.


The virtual challenge that you want to sign up for may not be eligible for a discount.

Can I enter if I live outside of the UK?

Yes you can, international shipping is £3.99+ (depending on how many events you sign up to). All medals in an order will be send when the first one is claimed. This is to keep postage costs low for you. Each medal will be individually wrapped to open when your challenge is completed. If you would like to claim them separately, please sign up for each one separately. 

Is there an app to track my distance?

We want to keep our challenges inclusive and affordable for everyone so, for now, we have decided against adding extra technology that obviously would come with added expense to our challengers.